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    The first “tool” I bought to get started woodworking as a hobby was a very slightly used Rigid radial arm saw. I bought it because is was at a garage sale across the street from my house and the neighbor I bought it from was a professional woodworker and friend. Three years later and I haven’t used it at all. instead I started scroll sawing, turning, and hand tool work and the radial arm saw is taking up way to much floor space in my small, one-car garage workshop. So, how should I try to sell this saw? Its in excellent condition, as it was hardly used before me and not at all BY me. I am a little wary of Ebay and Craig’s List, so I was wondering if there was any where else that I should try.

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      I’ve had great luck with Craigslist in the past. As long as you do your due diligence to protect yourself, you’ll be fine. Accept cash-only and, if you’re worried about it, meet the buyer offsite away from your home. Craigslist does a great job of hiding your email address, as well, but I find it handy when a cell phone is listed so I can communicate via text message with a buyer or seller.

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      I also have a radial arm saw that I do not use. It was not my first tool I purchased but it is the one that I want to sell. I have used craigslist a lot, both buying and selling. because of the size of your radial arm saw craigslist is your best bet. you do not have to ship it to the buyer. Set your price a little higher than what you want that way when they talk you down they feel like they got a deal and you get the price you really wanted. also use pictures.

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