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    I have been working on my first dedicated “woodworking” bench and I have been trying to decide what work holding methods I need/want. I don’t have a lot of money to spend so I bought a cheap press clamp to build a carriage vise into the bench. Has anyone here messed with creating bench vises with pipe clamps or F clamps? I have seen a few examples around the web but I just cant help wonder if they would be more trouble than an entry level face vise (like Pony or Woodcraft). I know I should just save up and get a Lee Valley but my budget can barely handle finishing my bench as it is. Any input will be much appreciated.

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      In my opinion you will do much better and be happier with a decent vise rather than a rigged contraption made with clamps.  While the latter will certainly work in a pinch, the cumbersome mechanics of using it will wear thin very quickly.

      For my first bench I bought a vise off Amazon for $60 and made my own jaws.  That vise will probably outlast me.  I think too much is sometimes made of things – like the Veritas vise.  They certainly aren’t the end-all/be-all.  They’re nice – but lots of things work very well – some would even say better – and cost a whole lot less.

      Another one to consider is the 9″ Eclipse vise from Highand – maybe Lee Valley…can’t remember which.

      That’s my two cents worth anyway!


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      Follow Up?

      How has your bench progressed? Pictures? And what did you finally decide to do?

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