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    I, without any doubt, have a preferece for chairmaking over any other furniture, but from a broad range pf styles which is your favorite chair style to make?

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      I like the fairly simple style like on Shaker chairs.

      I made a loop back settee last year that was my own interpretation of it.



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      I like the Ergonomic Chair as it helped me to reduce my back pain.

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        Hi Antonio,

        I m extremely fond of my recliner.  Seriously, I think there are regional influences that come into play. In my area the traditional “stick” chairs and Windsor style chairs seem to be most popular due to Scotch-Irish, Welsh, and Irish heritage, traditional Appalachian influences.  Shaker work draws heavily from the same sources since much of it originated /drew from “rural” craft guided by their religious beliefs toward workmanship.  The Northeast US seems to favor Georgian , Queen Anne, Empire and Chippendale, high-end traditionally professional styles. The Mid-west  US seems to favor  “mission” style, while the west is more inclined toward James Krenov style “organic” furniture, and Spanish mission style. Furniture in larger cities tend to be more eclectic and more accepting of “modern” styles. A lot of beginners find that the “mission” furniture is a good place to start because: it is getting wider acceptance and there is a lot of fine reference material available for different designs, the materials normally used are more available to the average woodworker than imported woods, the techniques used in the construction are similar to other forms of furniture so the typical woodworker is more likely to have the necessary tools and be familiar with their function and the joinery. the resulting chairs tend to be robust which translates well in our modern lifestyles. Whichever style you choose they are all wonderful.

        Have fun.

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      It’s on my to-do list to build Thomas Jefferson’s Campeachy Chair: http://www.monticelloshop.org/111006.html

      They’re super comfy. Anyone built one?



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