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    I am buying chisels for a new woodworker. I was originally going to buy a Two Cherries 4 pc set but decided to buy 1 Lie-Nielsen chisel and add more later. Which 1 chisel would you buy first? He appreciates good tools.

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      Hmm, as a huge fan of older tools I would be tempted to find a nice set of older chisels. The steel used in them is far better than a lot of the modern equivalents. I would personally be happier with a set of older ones than a single new (and really expensive!) one. The set will give your new woodworker a range of choices learning that a single item simply will not.

      As an aside, some of the sets available at a moderate price are actually very good providing a little preparation work is carried out on them.  I realise that Lie-Neilson is a fantastic product but I think it would make a little more sense to learn with a more moderate tool.

      Once a “feel” for the use of a chisel has been gained and a bit more experience then a premium chisel would seem to make more sense.

      If I had to choose just one it would be a 1/2″ bench chisel. The reasoning is that the majority of woodworking lumber seems to be 3/4″ or thereabouts and a 1/2″ chisel gives enough area to pare without spanning the entire width. On the other hand to chop out mortices you would need a 1/4″………its never simple is it?

      This is just my personal opinion…….

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      I think your first idea is better. Buy the set of two cherries. They will go further with a set. I have Lie Nielsen chisels and they are wonderful. I will tell you there is nothing wrong with two cherries either. Otherwise start with a 1/2 inch chisel, then go with 1/4 then 3/4.

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      Hi Rich,

      There are good tools, there are expensive tools and there are expensive good tools. Lie Nielsen tools are great expensive tools and any woodworker would love to be given one, or many. But there are other very good tools out there at much lower cost. If your woodworker places a lot of importance on bragging rights then a Lie Nielsen will serve him or her well,  in and out of the shop. If he or she appreciates a good tool, but is more concerned about a broader performance then another brand may serve better. It’s kind of like buying your teenager a high end ride for their first car.



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