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    ok so for some time I have been slowly trying to get my tool box so I can cut the cord 100% and I am at the fork in the road that I need to get a complete set of auger bits I have a mixed set of the Irwin’s that where my grandfathers and they have served me so far for all my needs including hardwood. I have read that many say the Jennings perform better with the hardwoods but are they so much better due to most complete sets if you can find them are quite a bit more money than the irwin bits. I would love to hear from others which bits they lean towards  or what they do not like about them ect. I know this is a can of worms sorta like Ford vrs Chevy but I find myself on the fence and would love to here about auger bits. Thanks in advance.


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      Lead screw pitch

      I believe that the Jennings bits have two different threads available on the lead screw.  A fine thread for hardwoods and a coarse thread for softwoods.  Most sellers on ebay don’t seem to know the difference or simply don’t have anything to compare with to determine whether it is fine or coarse.  The Irwin bits have a thread that is somewhere in between the two, more of a general purpose one size fits all arrangement.

      The other thing I can tell you about Jennings augers is that they don’t clear chips as well as the Irwin augers in deep holes.  The Jennings bits have two flutes that extend the entire length.  I believe they are made from flat bar that is twisted into a spiral.  Irwins have two flutes for the first revolution or so then one of them just stops and a single flute extends the rest of the way up.  This gives much more space for shavings to escape.

      If I had to pick one or the other, I would probably lean toward the Irwins based on price and availability.  Plus, they’re pretty good tools.  Especially since you have a partial set already and just need to fill in a couple of missing sizes.  It would be cool to keep using your Grandpa’s tools.


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      Doesn't Matter

      Is there some reason you feel the need to change? Do yourself a favor, drill some holes in scrap wood. Try some in pine, oak , cherry, or what ever wood you work with. The thing you need to remember is, the old timers didn’t have two sets of drills. I have a set of Irwins, they work fine for me. As long as you keep them sharp, they will work for you. As mhiggins mentioned, the spiral on the Jennings is tighter. That doesn’t mean they don’t work any better or worse. The auger just clears the chips. If you had a set of Jennings, I would tell you to keep them. I would tell you the same thing for Irwins. The important thing is to learn to sharpen them. It doesn’t matter which name is on the bit.

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