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    We have an oak trestle table that we have had forever. It is perfectly satisfactory 99.9% of the time. For those occasional time when we have large gatherings, we have been adding a plastic folding table. It works OK and it is the same height, but it look odd because it is narrower than our 3 foot wide oak table. I have been wanting to build something that fits better but can still be easily stored. When I saw Will’s collapsible trestle table, I said, “That’s it!”

    I downloaded and watched the video on the 12th. The question was, can I get this ready for Thanksgiving? Well, with hours to go, I have an assembled table ( without breadboards and finish). Some electrons were used to get to this state, but all of the wood (except for the oak wedges) was hand planed from rough sawn white pine that I have on hand from a tree that my daughter had to cut down a few years ago. It has been a mad dash to get this done. The video was a great help. I made a few mistakes here and there, but that was my own fault because I was in a hurry.

    I really like this design and I can see myself doing it again someday, but not in such a hurry!Collapsible Trestle Table

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      Great looking table rickg3.

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      I agree, looks great, how long did it take ?

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        I think it took about a week. The breadboard ends took me a couple of days. All the wood, except the oak tusks, was rough white pine. The planing took the most time followed by the mortising.

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