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    There are many things to consider before considering buying a CNC router. One of the first things to do is to observe carefully what the machine will do. Woodworkers are often attracted by some unnecessary new technology.
    Although most CNC router vendors increase the speed of their machines, the overall speed has little to do with the success of automation in particular woodwork. Quality is the most important factor.
    The following are some factors you need to take into consideration before you buy a CNC wood router.
    Space is a key factor that is often lacking (over time). These CNC routers not only cover a large area but also have to consider other space uses, such as raw materials, flash discs… When introducing new technologies or machines into production lines, make a machine space plan is always a good idea. This exercise will help to maximize the performance of new equipment and reduce the manufacturing process.
    Because some of the machines weigh more than a few tons and are sensitive to vibration, it is necessary to check the load-bearing capacity of the workshop. For example, it is not recommended to install the high-performance wood router on the Second floor of old wooden buildings. On the other hand, the low-end machine of light metal sheet can work well in this environment.

    2.Electrical requirements
    Electricity is always an afterthought. If ignored, it may be a great energy cost. Please check whether the power supply can meet the requirements of the CNC machine. CNC Machines have different voltages: 110, 220, 400, 800 Volts …The number of amperes needed for useful inspection, before the machine is delivered. It is a good idea for the electrician to run the wires on the junction box so that the installation can be completed faster.
    The measured compressed air capacity in cubic feet per minute (cfm) or cubic feet per minute (m’/min), and the given pressure is psi or kpa, which is easily defined by the CNC machine manufacturers. It is important to check for adequate capacity to meet the needs of new equipment. Usually, when the CNC machine exhausts air, it triggers machine stop, which can lead to time loss and may damage the parts of the new machine. This is not enough, but a good source of dry air will also ensure that cushion sensitive pneumatic and electronic equipment does not corrode.

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    When buying CNC machine tools, the workflow of the factory always changes. It will not only affect the current workflow plant layout and operation route, but Bill of materials and any scheduling software may need to be modified to allow to the change workflow.
    The inventory needed to operate the new CNC machine tool and the parts it will produce will be a factor to be considered before the machine arrives. MDF, cutting tools, repair parts, and consumables are only a small part of them. The cost of this extra inventory is often overlooked in equipment procurement decisions.
    Communicate with tool suppliers and investigate other local suppliers if necessary. In addition, look at the supplier of WDM equipment, because the cost savings can offset transportation costs. However, it is still advisable to retain the services of a good local tool provider, who can sharpen tools and quickly purchase tools in emergencies.
    7.Aftersale Service
    This is also a very important factor you need to keep it in mind. If the CNC machine stopped to work and we can not fix it yourself, what should we do? So we need to call the CNC router manufacturers. Usually, we buy machines form foreign CNC manufacturers if they have local dealers it would be better. Or you can choose CNC manufactures which can fly to your workshop to solve the machine problems.
    The above is 7 most important factors before you buy a CNC machine. We would better keep all this into consideration before we buy CNC routers.

    Visit Jeesun CNC Router to find wonderful woodworking machinery.

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      Different kinds of cnc router machines are available and they have quite diferent performance & applications, so you will have to be very careful when planning to buy one for your work. Contact JeesunCNC for more detail, if you have any interest in it.

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