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    I want to buy my first hand plane and have decided on a Stanley No5 thanks to Josh’s sage advice.  Is there any advantages or disadvantages to the corrugated bottom vs the smooth?

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      I have two #4 planes. One has a corrugated and the other is not. The idea behind a corrugated plane is less resistance. It might be a little lighter, not that you would notice. The reality is I keep both planes sharp and waxed, I don’t see any difference in performance. I think it was just marketing, back in the day. Today I don’t think anyone makes one, that should tell you something. If you find a plane that is in good shape and has a corrugated bottom, there is no reason to not buy it. I don’t think one is any better than the other.

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      The biggest advantages of the corrugated soles is that there is less metal to have to remove when flattening the sole, and since the corrugated soles originally cost a little extra, they will command a little more from a collector. They were basically a marketing gimmick.

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