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    Here is the before picture of this Stanley No. 80 scraper.  It started off very rusty.Before

    And here are a couple of pictures after I removed the rust in my blasting cabinet and powder coated it using my powder coating system from EastwoodAfterAfterAfter



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      Nice work! That looks great. I need to powder coat a few old tools, so thanks for sharing that link.

      I had an old #80 sitting around that I didn’t know what to do with until I found a few Paul Seller’s blog posts and videos: https://paulsellers.com/2013/07/cabinet-scrapers-answering-whats-needed-in-real-woodworking-realms/ Can’t live without it now!


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      Powder Coating Tools

      I know that Japanning was the traditional finish for many tools, but powder coating seems like a smart modern solution, especially if you want a durable finish that. That #80 looks new!



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      Wow, looking at everyone else’s accomplishments, I guess I am pretty far behind on my tool collection.

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      This is unique and seems vintage type of scraper. Perhaps many things this tools had done so far, and looks pretty rare stuff. Today, most woodworkers and carpenters are using planes than of this scraper.




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      That really looks fantastic. Obviously, I need to get into powder coat finishing.

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