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    I recently bought a new (well new to me) stanley no 4 and as far as I can tell it is a type 12. The tote is very loose and the front covers some of the patent dates, which makes me think it isn’t original. I would like to replace it with a more original one but the tote from my no 3 doesn’t seem to fit, which makes me think that the older type 12 has a different size tote and makes be leery to buy a new one. Any buying arvice from peoples in the know? Im very new to all of this.

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      Hi Hudson,

      It sounds to me like the tote isn’t original but most of the totes on Stanley (as well as other brands)#3 and #4 should be interchangeable. The base on the #41/2 through #8 had longer bases and a very noticeable front screw hole. If the issues are that the base is just a little too long and the handle is loose then just shorten and shape the handle to fit as you like and shorten the screw (if required) to allow you to tighten the tote  down. It’s nice when the plane is “factory fresh” with the original finish and all of the original factory parts but that won’t necessarily make the plane function any better. Stanley made their regular bench planes by the millions and a serious collector wouldn’t be interested in an average one so that would make this a user plane. “Type” is a relative term used to generally date old planes. The subject gets muddied by users that swap plane parts and the fact that manufacturers would continues to use up old parts until they ran out (unless the old parts wouldn’t fit new designs). If the parts work then I wouldn’t worry about it. If it really bothers you then you could just make one based on the #3 tote you have. You said the #3 didn’t fit “right” but you didn’t say how. There are several videos online for making plane totes if you want to check them out instead of buying one. After all. we are woodworkers and projects such as this gives us practice and experience.

      Above all else, have fun.


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