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    BeforeThis is the before picture the way I found it at an estate sale.Before After This is after I disassembled, cleaned, sanded, polished,  painted, oiled and reassembled the drill. After I restore this for my use so I like the natural wood handle instead of the painted handle most of them have.Stanley-Hi220-After2

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      That looks great! I found a similar drill sitting in a dusty corner of my dads work shop. She hasn’t seen use in years, but it looks like there may be hope. What did you use on the metal parts to take away the tarnish?

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        Jonathan & Seth,


        For the plated parts like the main shaft, I just used a wire brush and Scotch Brite pads.  Followed up with some Mothers metal polish. All of the other parts went into my glass bead cabinet and were blasted.


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      I agree looks worlds better and I’m sure is lots easier to use. I like the handle better the way you have now to.


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