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    I’m confused by Joshua’s dating guide.

    I understand the Stanley #5 made from 1885-1888 is the gold standard but most of the Stanley #5 planes I’m seeing for sale out there are made far after that. They have patent dates behind the frog, have a blue body, etc. I even noticed on Home Depot that Stanley is still producing the #5 jack plane.

    This guide makes it seem like the No 5 Stanley plane was only made from 1885-1888.

    Any clarification would be great.

    Also, what issues would I run into if I picked up a Stanley #5 made after WWII (or gasp, a new one from Home Depot that people consider “junk”)?

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      Hi Matt, sorry for any confusion! Where did you get the impression that 1885-1888 was the “gold standard”? Was there a typo in my article? I actually wrote this in my hand plane buyer’s guide: “Opinions vary, but most people feel that the quality peaked between type 11 and 13, and that the quality sharply declined during and after World War 2.” Please see my handplane buyer’s guide for all the advice you could want, here: https://woodandshop.com/woodworking-hand-tool-buying-guide-handplanes/

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