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    I’m looking for a reference source with information about the Stanley 45. Specifically, I’d like to know if I have a complete set of cutters. I understand that at different times the plane came with varying numbers of blades.

    Anyone have a good source?




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      “The Stanley ‘Forty-Five’ Combination Plane” by David E. Heckel

      Seems like I got my copy off of ebay. Lots of information about the creation and evolution of the 45, including how to determine the age of the tool and to assign it a “type”. Very little info about how to actually use it, though.

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      Lee valley has a reprint book on the 45 along with the 55. I have found a pdf of the manual online as well as lots of info over at patrick’s blood and Gore athttp://www.supertool.com/StanleyBG/stan6.htm#num45

      here is the manual in pdf not sure what year this was


      I hope this gets you the info you need


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