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    Hi people! I’ve been a woodworker for 60 years, and started buying Stanley planes in 1972 when I got out of the army. Back when they were cheap! Somewhere over the years I picked up a rusty old plane… I don’t even remember where I got it. But I just pulled it out of my barn shop and looked it over. The only identifying marks are a No. 4 in front of the front (squat) knob, and an S cast into the top of the plane body, between the tote and the frog. It looks exactly like every Stanley plane I’ve ever owned, but it doesn’t say Stanley or Bailey anywhere on it. There is no lateral adjustment lever. The only other identifying mark is a patent date on the plane iron. “Pat Oct 22, 1889”. It appears to have a rosewood tote and front knob, but the front knob is split and damaged. Edit: I just tried to post pictures, but the site says my pictures are too big. Without pictures, can anyone identify this plane? Thanks.

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