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    Hi there,

    I’m thinking on buy a spokeshave, but I do not know which way to go, if I go for a new one or try to find a nice old one?

    What do you recommend????



    Augusto Campos

    Augusto Campos

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      For me money is everything I got a Stanley 53 at a garage sale for $3 and have been extremely happy. but my experience is limited. I just can not beet the price.

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      An old quality tool that is reasonably priced will almost always be your best bet overall unless you have a lot of extra money to spend. The idea is to make sure that it is in good shape and has plenty of blade left. You can get aftermarket blades but that runs the total cost up . There are some highly refined quality new ones on the market that while very sweet to use out of the box, can be quite pricy.

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      Spokeshaves old Vs New

      Check out WoodJoy.com

      They are new but made like old. I have three and love them. He makes them in his home as a retirement business and you can call him to ask questions.

      For chair building you can’t beat Lie Nielsen Brian Boggs design shaves.

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