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    I am looking at diston hand saws on eBay to come up with a good crosscut saw. Is there any era of saw that is better than another?  Honestly, it’s confusing looking at all the options.  I just am trying not to spend good money on something that looks good in a picture, but is just a wall hanger.  Thanks.

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      Buying sight unseen or based on limited photos is always a problem. Lucky for me, I have never had to do that since I have been able to find tools locally. I would try to ask as many questions as possible of the seller, not only to try and determine the quality of the item but to judge the knowledge of the seller. If they really don’t much about tools then how can they judge the tool’s quality? I have had tools described in glowing terms only to find they had missing parts and major flaws. I would also ask about their return policy and look at their seller rating if that is available.

      I know you have your heart set on a Disston but if all you are looking for is a user then don’t discount a new big box store saw, assuming you are looking for a carpenter’s saw. Most crosscuts are really rough cuts that get refined with further tools. I know there is a lot of pleasure in using a fine old tool but they usually require some TLC prior to being put to work and that requires a few extra tools and the skillset. New saws are generally ready to go and will do the work. I prefer the old saws but I have been at it a while and truthfully, if all I am after is to get though the board the new saws will get you there.

      Have fun

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      The older ones are probably better, but the model# is probably more important. If an older one that has been sharpened many many times, I would probably pass on it. You can usually tell when it has. The better models can be expensive. I was lucky when I was looking. I found a D-15 Victory saw locally for $40 when I needed a x-cut saw. My rip is a newer D-12, that one set me back $90. Both are good saws, and 26″ long. I think the collectors go after the D-7, which drives up the price. I think this winter I’m going to look for a couple shorter ones, that fit inside my tool chest.

      A good reference.
      Disstonian Institute.

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      Thanks for the replies.  I do enjoy the older tools much more than the new stuff out today.  I will take your suggestions keep searching and researching. Thanks.

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