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    I haven’t had time to post any recent restorations as I have been busy traveling and actually working on the planes. I put off entering the world of block planes when I entered this hand plane world. I had all I could handle learning about bench planes. However, if I was going to complete my goal of producing a type study of Fulton branded hand planes, I was going to have to trace the lineage of the block planes and eventually the transitional planes as well. Here is a recent Lakeside #227 block plane restoration. This Lakeside plane was manufactured by Sargent & Co. for the catalog retail giant, Montgomery Ward & Co. beginning around 1910. It is the Sargent #207 block plane. The East Indian rosewood knob on this Lakeside No. 227 plane combined with the horizontal screw depth adjustment indicates it was likely produced between 1917-1918. I came to own this plane by accident, but it was a fun project and educated me on the history of Montgomery Wards and their hand plane lines produced mainly by Stanley and Sargent. The Lakeside plane went to an appreciative woodworker. You can see more pictures of these and other planes as they undergo restoration at my website: https://aplanelife.us/


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      Thank you so much for providing us with this information.



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