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    I have 14″ plane, I assume maybe a jointer plane, and wonder what the purpose might be for the holes. Assuming this is indeed a jointer plane I screwed a to the side so that it could be used to guide the plane so the resultant edge of the planed board would be a true right angle. Since the blade does not meet the edge of the plane it would be easy to skew the plane to trim the edge of the board by holding the edge of wooden guide against the board to be trued. The guide board meets the bottom of the plane at right angles.

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      It sounds like you might have a #6 clone and, while that is normally considered a fore plane, can be used for jointing especially in shorter stock. I honestly couldn’t see the holes you mentioned in the photo but it was, as you suggest, a common practice to place a fence on planes being used for jointing. In order to overcome the step between the plane side and the blade, it was common practice to put a rabbet on the fence area that went against the plane cheek to give it the necessary offset. While the fence was more often simply clamped onto the plane, I see no reason why the previous owner couldn’t have modified it using tapped screw holes just as someone put a hole in the sole, presumably so the plane could be hung up on a hook.

      Have fun

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