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    I was fortunate to receive four twelve foot slabs of two inch ash that has been drying in a barn for about three years.  I saw the ash after it had been recently cut and the stacking had been done properly.

    I was offered the wood for free.  When I arrived to pickup the wood it was obvious the wood had become infested with powder post beetles.  What a shame to see this stack of lumber disappearing after it had been properly sawn and stacked.

    After getting the wood home, I decided to trim the edges off in hopes of getting rid of most of the infestation.  My intention is to use this wood in the construction of a wooden boat where the ash would serve as keel, keelson, stem, and timbers or ribs.

    I did do an Internet search and found this topic is not widely discussed in forums.  I decided to try a product call Boracare.  Have any of you had experience with this product?  As long as the lumber is not kiln dried, wood is susceptible to these types of infestation.  How were these issues handled when kilns did not exist?

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      Sad to hear this!! Many of the people experience of having Beetles even after sprinkling of the insect repellent powder. These beetles and termites are becoming a serious issue for all the wood shops and for all the arcitechthose who renovate Homes with new designs of wood, but the appearance of these beetles gives damages to the designs of sofa, chairs etc. To get rid of this pest issue one should connect to exterminators new york city for helpful hints.

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