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    Hi Folks,

    thought I’d give you guys a little tour of handball workshop. But first a few words to my person:

    My name’s Nikk and I live in Northern Germany between Hamburg and Bremen. Trained to be a farmer and hobbyist woodworker I’m now a Joiners apprentice and becoming a professional now. I also have a machine workshop in the same barn on my families farm, but thats not of interest in this forum. With my personal furniture projects I work mostly by hand. Sometimes I even do my stock preparation by hand and enjoy it a lot if I do. But often things just have to get finished.

    My handtool workshop is a square room 11 x 11 ft. It used to be a chicken coop when I was a child.  It fits a Roubo Style workbench with a wooden screwed leg vice and a Veritas end vice:


    Its long, heavy (5″ thick top) and quite low, ideal for planing but to low for detailed work and joinery which made me lo</span>ng for a joinery bench. Here it is,  inspired by Renaissance Woodworker and others:

    Both benches are build from European beech and reclaimed construction lumber for the base. There is a copy of Roy Underhill’s nail cabinet and a drillpress:


    as well as a sharpening station with japanese water stones:


    The first and the last picture are a bit older. The Nail cabinet doesn’t have a door yet and still sits on the opposite wall.

    As you can see, my workshop and my way to work is heavily influenced by C.S. There’s even a dutch tool chest… ATC still to be build…

    I work with mix of old and new tools. Wooden planes, traditional German and Krenov style, and Stanley Bailey #4, #5 , #6 and #8 and can’t decide which I like more.

    Hope you enjoy the pics and keep the questions coming!


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      Nice space! Thanks for the tour!

      I would like to have a dedicated room like that I go back and forth between bedroom and garage depending on the weather. I have a dutch tool chest and a small  nicholson bench (naked woodworker).

      I am beginning to amass a small collection of old planes. I enjoy fixing them and using them!



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      is is that a hand operated bench drill press

      i would love to have one but they cost a lot here


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      Hi Denny,


      it’s indeed a hand cranked bench drill. I found it on ebay one day and had to have it. I use it not very often though, because the feed mechanism is a bit finicky to adjust and I own another huge cast iron drill press. For some reason it works incredibly well with forester bits!



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      Great Nikk,


      would love to see the big one you have and name of manufacturer.


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