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    I’m planing on building a workbench. I bought the Moravian workbench plans,video ect.
    My question is about bench width.
    I work with mostly power tools and this will be my only bench for I have a small workshop.
    The workbench plans call for a 13″ bench top and I was wondering if that will be enough width
    for an all around workbench?
    I was thinking about making the top 16″ wide which will make the tool well 8″ wide.
    Does that sound like a good idea?
    Any and all comments welcome.

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      Hi Al,
      I have just completed this great bench, What you need to understand is the tool till is at the same plane as the top of the bench. If you do large glue ups you will be using the whole 24″ deep bench. A top that is under 13″ will fit in a bench top planer.
      One big thing I changed when building this bench was all the legs and horizontal supports are made from 3/4″ Russian birch – 11 ply plywood. What I was able to do was cut all my mortise and tenon joints and bridal joints using a plunge router and some simple jigs. Oh I liked it so much I talked my next door neighbor into making one so we built two at the same time.

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