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    i am Stéphane, 27 yo, from France, but i am living in Switzerland for the moment.

    I discovered the joshua channel on youtube, and i got the virus! 4 years ago i made my own guitars (2 electric, 1 acoustic) and i used electrical saws, planes and sanders.

    Now i want to go to basics, and start other projects as guitars.

    I just ordered a big command on fine-tools.com, with the help of this website, and to start with good tools, these things i was missing when i started woodworking.

    So i will show you my projects, and will catch some advises!

    PS : I am also Pharmacist in my real life.



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      Welcome! Best of luck with your shop.


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        Another web site you might want to see is:  www.lumberjocks.com.

        There you will find a lot of information concerning hand tool techniques, ask questions of the many members, and you can post your work there.

        Good luck

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