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    I just got this on Craig’s list for $5 and I am over joyed as I have been wanting a tale vice. (any vice for that matter) now I am going to take it apart clean it up give it a coat of paint and enjoy. one question I have is how to get the dog foot out. there appears to be a screw in the front keeping it from coming out of the slot but there is no slot for a screw driver. ans I have not yet been able to get it out.

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      Hi James,

      You didn’t buy that vise, you stole it. Congratulations an a wonderful find.

      If the dog moves then push it up and if there is space under it and you can place anything under it to hold it up while you remove the screw with vice grips or something similar. You could also grind a slot in the screw with a rotary tool if you have one. Application of a rust buster type liquid or heat might help break any rust bonds and help to ease the screw out which would lessen the chance of breaking it off.

      Have fun.

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      Ok I have a new love. this vice is sweet! I love the quick release and the 12″ mouth. going to love working with this! it was originally a dark blue gray, but most of the tools I restore get my blue shop color. I will have to reses it into the bench to bring it up to height. I was wondering how to pad it ans how others have added wood to the faces?

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