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    I’m a senior in high school. My school doesn’t have woodworking, so they are letting me do an independent project in place of a class. I’m really on my own and am just getting into woodworking. My mom bought the plans and video for the Morovian Workbench for me to do as my project. I’ve watched the video and have been through the plans. I’m mostly done with he legs but can’t figure out the positioning for the mortise for the long stretcher relative to the mid leg stretcher dovetail mortise. It doesn’t seem to be on the plans anywhere. Has anyone had this issue? What am I missing? Appreciate any help. Thanks.

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      I don’t recall the exact location on mine, but I think Will mentions the location in the video. Essentially, you want to make it as low as possible without interfering with the dovetail stretcher.

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