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    I have now used 12 or more marking knives and have not come up with one I really like. what do you use and why?

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      My marking knife

      Hi James,

      I also tried a bunch of marking knives. The chip carving knife really works nice for me. I talk about it in this buying guide. That’s what I saw Roy Underhill use in his classes.

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      Sweet! I missed the knife section when going through there!

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      After trying several different types, I have settled on a detail carving knife as my favorite marking knife. It just seems to cut better and sharpens easier than my other marking knives. Of course I sometimes use a chisel also for longer straight marks.

      Have fun

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      My daughter bought me a pair (3/4 and 1/4 inch) of Hock Japanese style marking knives. I have been really happy with them so far. The 1/4″ one is really handy when marking interior cuts in tight spaces.

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      I know this is probably not the “right” answer, but I’ve given up on any of the knives I have and tend to just go for my box cutter. One of these days I may buy a good set of marking knives like on Josh’s link, but I have a long list of tools i want/ need before I get there


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