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    Hello, everyone! I had built a small medicine cabinet inspired from www.joineryplans.com. I love it however I need some advice what can be applied to it to make it shiny?

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      I just finished a light fixture I got from the same place!

      I like the durability (my family is rough) of polyurethane, although it can be a pain to apply.

      BTW, I got the above light fixture shade from the same place (joineryplans) and my wife is crazy about it! I’ve got to do a few more of these type light fixtures for her now.   I guess I’ll be a pro at making them by the time I get them all done!

      At least I know somebody else is using that site!  I love it!

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      Its not a difficult thing to make your furniture shiny. A full cup of olive oil and half cup of lemon juice can also make your furniture shiny. Once, I hires a carpenter from carpenter Melbourne and he told me this method.

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      For stained furniture, apply wax-free and silicone-free wood polish to a soft cloth and gently wipe to increase the shine of your cabinet surfaces. For cabinets made of natural wood, you should mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with a few drops of olive oil and use a felt cloth to apply the mixture evenly to the surface of the cabinet.

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