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    I have a friend that has a pile of logs 8′ long he is asking $50 each most are clean oak 12″-24″ in diameter. and I know a guy with an chainsaw mill that he will help me cut them for $10 an hour. so I am thinking I will cut some of my own lumber! but I have never done it again. I was wondering what the going rate for a log is and what else should I consider before doing this? I have a space in the basement that I could dry 10-15 of these logs. but I am looking for advice.

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      It’s hard to put a price on logs like that since you won’t know what you have until they’re cut up. I guess it really just depends on how bad you want it. For me I’d say $50 each might be a little high, but not ridiculous. Keep your eyes open though. I have quite a bit of lumber that came to me just because somebody wanted it hauled off


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