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    I have only been wood working for a couple of years. I do not know anyone that enjoys wood working either. So everything I attempted was the school of hard knocks. I did a search for a local club in my area. I got lucky there was a club not too far from my house. Joining my club is the best choice I could have made  The ( southeast Michigan woodworker club). Everyone welcomed me into the club. Semiww has many different kinds of woodworkers (traditional woodworkers, wood turners, professional woodworker, and hobbyist like myself and many more other types). The only dues I had to pay was to bring cookies to my first meeting. One of the members heard there was going to be a new member at the meeting. He brought of couple of angle clamps and offered them to me, He up graded to a newer set. The clamps he gave are great for a beginner like me. Everyone I meet at the club tells me not to hesitate to ask for help. Recently at one of our meetings we had a guest speaker on saw blade sharping.  So my advice to anyone who is starting to work with wood that does not have a mentor too find a club in your area. I have learned that the woodworking community are a bunch of great people.

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