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    I just found on of these small, single bevel Keen Kutter broad axe heads at the flea market and snatched it up. It was painted black and looks to have never even been sharpened. Upon closer inspection, it appears to have been cast instead of forged, which suprised me. Does anyone know if this is true? Does this affect performance or cause problems?

    Hopefully the image will load. I copied it from the internet, but mine is exactly the same.


    Scott A.

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      I hate to be the one to tell you, but what you have is a newer, mass-produced cast iron item that has been showing up I recent years as collectables for retail sales, not a real tool at all, unless you just want to use it as a nut cracker. Don’t feel bad though, I have seen lots of people buying them without knowing what they really are.

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