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    Hi all, I was out in the back woods with my son the other day building a “forest fort” clearing some smaller trees and brush out to make a base. Clearing this out, I couldn’t help but notice it was harder than the others around here, and of the heartwood which I loved.

    I live in Nova Scotia, which is in eastern Canada, and typically we have spruce, pine, maple, birch, some oak and ash, some hemlock, and in lucky parts of the province, Ironwood.

    I was wondering if this was a red maple perhaps? I’m more used to wood when buying it at the store dimensioned! There’s a fair bit more of thin growth like this, and wondering if it would be good for tool handles like chisels as I scored a big set (and other tools, axes, planes etc) at an estate sale. Any idea on wood species folks?

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      I am not going to be much help in this. But I don’t think it is really important. There is such variance within a wood species. I have had cherry that was stringy, or brittle, and some that carved like wax. And the same with maple or walnut.

      The point is, if it looks good, and has a character you want, use it, and don’t worry over what it is.

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      I’d take a bigger sample, and look it up at the wood database: https://www.wood-database.com/

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