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    I bought a block of what I thought was walnut from an estate sale a while back. But you can see it obviously isn’t. It is a very dense wood too. Does anyone know what type of wood is it? I got no clue.

    Thanks – James

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      Joshua would you reply to my email regarding a DVD to uk customs charge of £15..

      hi Joshua I bought a DVD from you to post to the uk I was charged vat and handling charge of £8

      can you please reply to my emails and further can you assure me that in future you will let others know that all items sold to uk are subject to customs charge over £135 plus vat and the post office handling charge of £8

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        Sorry? Not sure what you are talking about. 


        Does anyone know what species of wood this is? Thanks

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      It looks like “ambrosia maple” to me and because of your comments I assume it is a soft maple.

      Have fun.

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