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    Have a small plane I GUESS is made to smooth the bottom of a shallow channel ..?

    I’ve learned its ‘Bull-nose’ as the blade is near the front.

    It is 1″ wide, the blade is very slightly wider so body doesn’t bind in a channel.

    It is 4″ long.      The top front of the blade says Stanley with Made in USA underneath.

    I found no numbers or other markings on any of the parts.


    Whatsit?   For old double window casing-tracks?




    Um, reset cam. 5 times and tried to submit pics –  finally took it –  the lowest setting possible –  must not be able to zoom at all – without blur..  ?


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      Hi Lexreus,

      It is a Stanley #75 bull nose rabbet plane and can be used anywhere that you need a short, small, rabbet plane. The bull nose feature allows it to reach closer to a confined area such as a stopped rabbit. It is intended that the blade can  be adjusted (as for all rabbet planes) so that the plane can reach the corner of the rabbet without interference with the plane body. It was not, to the best of my knowledge, produced for the specific application you mentioned and it was produced from 1879 until 1973,

      Have fun

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