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    Spent a bit of time yesterday and this morning in the shop.  I got this old saw years ago, and finally decided to spruce it up a bit.  Still needs some work.  But, this was the first time I tried vinegar to remove the rust.  I scraped the loose stuff off first, then sanded with 150 to get most of the surface rust off.  Then submerged in vinegar for about 15 hours.  Honestly, I didn’t really like the process over just sanding.   Maybe I left it in too long, or not long enough?   I ended up sanding with 320 afterwards just to get it to where it is in the last picture.  I can barely make out the etch, but it says sheffield steel?  The medallion says Sheffield Warranted, with a big A inside a shield.  Never seen one like that.

    I do love the handle though, it’s very comfortable and large enough to get my thumb in for two handed ripping.  Can’t wait to get it setup and sharpened.

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      Hi Gbalcom,

      I have tried several methods for de-rusting tools and have always had my best results from scrapping and abrasives. The chemical methods will do a better job with halting rust in deep pits but normal preventive post cleaning efforts will generally take care of that anyway. My restoration projects are normally limited to getting the tools into working condition instead of trying to get them “factory fresh”. The medallion isn’t familiar to me either and it might be that the “Sheffield Warranted” marking might be an equivalent to the American ” Warranted Superior” markings, meaning that it could be a general hardware outlet “brand” or “homeowner” level item (just guessing).  Don’t feel bad about keeping it around for a while before starting on it. Someday I hope to get around to about a dozen of them that I have gathering dust right now.

      Be sure and post the finished saw. We would love to see the finished product.

      Have fun.

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      Looks really cool.

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