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    I’m currently restoring a number of hand planes and I’ve run into the same question on all of them. The rust has removed the original paint from the top of the body. Is it worth trying to repaint it? I’m no professional when it comes to paint. I understand this doesn’t affect the function of the tool by any means so I could leave it alone. What do you suggest?

    P.s. On a side note, I tried to post pictures of the planes I’m working on but I kept getting an error notice that said the file is invalid. I tried pdf and png. I’m new to online forums and could use some guidance.

    Thank you.

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      The issue with the pictures is that they are probably too large.  You would probably need to resize them before posting them.

      I have had some planes where the japanning was pretty well gone. All of my planes are users. It is a matter of personal preference since it is just an appearance issue and other folks paint, paint with epoxy, and powder coat them. I choose to just give the non-mechanical surfaces a coat of shellac. It doesn’t male them look like new but helps prevent further rusting, gives them a little shine and can easily be reversed by future owners.

      Have fun

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      I was wondering the same thing.

      I just ended painting them something I liked to look at. I just used a spray paint rustolium anyone see an issue with that?

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