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    Hi All,


    This is my first post. I am starting a woodworking hand tool collection (to be used) of vintage tools. I really want to learn how to properly use wood working hand tools rather than rely on power tools and machines. I am at that age were craftsmanship means more to me than speed and productivity.

    To that end, I am fining and learning how to restore and sharpen brace and bit augers. I have found several vintage Greenlee-Rockford No.22 auger bits and would like to know what size range that this company made. Google has not been my friend on this topic.

    Thank you very much for putting up with such a basic question!



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      I know at least 4 to 16 as I have a full set of them from my grandfather. I live 15 miles away from where they were made.

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      They went from 3/16 all the way to 32/16. The link should help you. I am about 45 minutes away from Rockford myself.

      1941 Greenlee Catalog

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