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    I am trying to find frame saw blades for a turning saw and for a resaw. I was wondering where you get yours?

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      You can probably buy one from Will Myers. Contact me through this site’s contact page and then I’ll share his email address.

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      Thanks for the post. I have been making a list of tools I want to build for the shop. Part of my skill building exercises. Any way it reminded me of the blades I bought for a couple of frames saws I want to make. I got mine from a local sawmill supply company. Just chunks of bandsaw blades. One was about three feet long and 2 1/2 inches wide with a very aggressive rip tooth something like 2 or 3 tpi, and another a bit shorter and about 1 inch wide with a 4 or 5 tpi rip. All total $30 Canadian so that would be something like $5 US. Looks like I should unearth them and get to work. Or at least add it to the list of work shop needs.

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      Bad Axe sells them.


      Bad Axe

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      HighlandWoodworking sells them


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      Bandsaw bits for me.

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      Frame Saw Blade

      You can get Classic 400 Frame Saw with Turbo Cut Blade. It’s the best frame saw with blade because I am using this one. you can buy online easily.

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