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    I am working on the assumption, well-founded I might add, that I have a lot to learn and that the first projects I build (have built) will be great learning experiences, but definitely not “fine furniture”. So with that in mind my first projects have been:

    Two saw benches (mine are a similar in design to the “Stumpy Nubs” Old-Timey woodworking saw bench:

    A shooting board – I just glued up some MDF, added an oak 2×2 to plane against, and then some stick on plastic that makes the plane slide easier.

    A couple of bench hooks – nothing special.

    I also had to convert one of the bays in my garage into a workshop – a whole other experience since I had never built a wall, insulated, or hung a door before in my life. To complete the project I am planning on replacing the door with another wall and door because this past winter in Maine it was too cold and too hard to heat the “shop”. My shop has a wall that is OSB with french cleats on it for tool storage. I still need to mud/tape and paint one of the walls, but…another summer project.

    I recently built a Nicholson workbench based on the workbench from: “The Naked Woodworker” from LostArt Press, Mike Siemsen is the presenter. If anyone else wants to do it just be aware that the materials list is missing the 2×6’s and you’ll probably need more than the listed 2 2×4’s.

    I have tried a couple variations of a saw vise, none of which have been particularly successful. So I’m going to embark on another attempt once I complete some projects around the house.

    Just my thoughts,


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      General comment…since I’m just learning, I figure the next couple of years I will be focusing on “shop” furniture. It will give me a chance to learn and practice some basic skills and the only one who will have to “live” with the results will be me :-)

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      Here’s a picture of my workbench shortly after I finished it…there are lots of issues with it, several mistakes on my part, but, hey, it’s a learning experience :-)

      Also reminded me that I built a sharpening “station” that you can see in the background.


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      Nice list of projects. I just finished a coffee table for my first project and am hoping to tackle a tool chest for my second. I have already started a workbench as well. Though my list of desired projects grows and often I find a sudden urge (or need) to make a detour and build something like a bench hook.

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      Nice looking workbench!

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      That bench looks great.  I like Stumpy’s saw bench, and really love the one that Billy from Billy’s Little Bench builds.  It is similar to Stumpy’s, and he filmed the entire process.


      What is the thickness of your top on the workbench?

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      I hear ya…

      I’m starting a saw bench now. I’m trying to use recycled 2 x 4’s. Just finished one of my first real tool projects though. Made a Krenov style plane for Mitch Peacock’s Toolmake15. Like I said, it’s my first, but it was fun and I learned a ton doing it. And it works! I’m starting to see the beauty in wooden planes, too. Very relaxing.

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      The workbench top and aprons are made of 2×12’s (actual: 1-1/2″ x 11-1/4″) cut to 7′ long. I’m in the process of adding a quick-release vise to it. I used “select” pine boards for almost all of the lumber because it has very few knots and square edges as opposed to the typical rounded over edges on construction grade lumber. Sometimes I like to say: I have more dollars than sense :-) It’s not always true, but…

      I also watched Bill Schenher’s saw bench videos and liked them very much. The benches are very similar. Here’s a link to his playlist on YouTube:

      I’ll post some pictures of my saw benches as soon as I get the workbench off of them…like I said, I’m adding a vise :-)

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