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    Here is the current status of my shop. Roof is up and concrete poured. They should be coming back Thursday to finish it in. It is 18×31 with 9′ sidewalls. Unfortunately, I do have to share this space with lawn equipment and some other storage, but my wife will be happy to have the garage back for her car. :)

    It will have a 10×8 garage door in the front, a 3/0 walk through and 4 28×54 windows. I will most likely use LED strip lighting if I can find some at a good price. It will not be insulated and finished on the inside (for now, but maybe in the future). I’ve got a decent heater for the winter, although it does not get very cold here 15 miles from Florida. For the summer, I’ll probably just have a few big fans for the 100+ degree heat we get here.

    Which brings me to my next question: Have any of you ever dealt with high humidity and heat while working with wood?

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      I am in Arkansas and it gets as hot and humid here as in southern Georgia. My shop is also uninsulated (I need to put some pictures up), and in fact until recently was only a roof with no walls. I also used to spend a lot of time in southern, tropical Mexico and did a lot of woodworking there. The trick is to always take into account the movement of the wood, but that is a given regardless of where you are.


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      Looks like it will be a great space any updates?

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      Excellent space. Look forward to see how it progresses

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      Looks like a very good start!

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      plenty of space for working and storing, looks like its going to be the perfect creation!

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      That’s looking good. Any updates on your shop?

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