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    I found a old Disston hand saw at an antique store. The store had a hand full of Disston saws and had them marked at $20 each because of either the Disston button or because you could see the logo on the blade. However, I found one with a broken handle with the button missing and the blade to tarnished to really see the logo. I was able to make out well enough that the logo was the pre-WW2. So I took the $6 gamble and bought the saw.
    So I took the saw home. Cleaned it up. Made a new handle. And tuned it a little. Right now I’m waiting for a course saw set so I can actually tune it properly. Right now it still cuts well, for the most part, it strays after about 16 inches.
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      Nice Job!

      I just refurbished a D-23 myself…It’s become my only solid Full Size (26″) Handsaw.  I filed mine 8pt Rip, and am happy with it.  I took Paul Sellers advice and changed the rake on the first 6-8 inches of the saw.  This really helps in starting a cut, but also allows me to cross cut (rough) easily.

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      Nice work Seth. I love getting saws cheap and restoring them. I feel like I saved it.

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