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    I recognized this first generation Craftsman brand hand plane by the”wavy” logo on the brass badge. This plane was manufactured in 1928-30 by Sargent Plane Co. for Sears. It is a Sargent Brass Badge series model with mostly Type 5 features. The Craftsman wavy logo was only in use from 1928-1930 before the logo was revised allowing precise dating of this plane. Sears, Roebuck & Co. contracted with Stanley Rule & Level Co., Sargent Plane Co., and Millers Falls Tool Co. to provide ‘in-house’ brands. These in-house brands included S.,R. & Co., Fulton, Craftsman, Merit and Dunlap planes. This plane is an amazing performer producing a satin smooth finish. The red enamel frog is correct for this plane. A joy to restore, it is now a part of my permanent collection.

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