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    I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to post this for the past 10 days. Who knows where I went wrong? Anyway, I recognized this first generation Craftsman hand plane by the distinctive “wavy” logo. This logo was the original Craftsman logo when the tools were introduced in 1928. It was revised in 1930, leaving clear evidence of the date of this plane. Introduced in the Sears, Roebuck & Co. 1928 Spring catalog, Craftsman planes were manufactured by various companies until they ceased to be offered after 1981. This circa 1928-1930 Craftsman plane was manufactured by Sargent Plane Co. as part of their Brass Badge series. It exhibits mostly Sargent Type 5 features. Sears, Roebuck & Co. contracted with Stanley Rule & Level, Sargent Plane Co., and Millers Falls Tool Co. to provide planes under various Sears “in-house” brand names to include, S.,R.&Co., Fulton, Craftsman, Merit, and Dunlap.

    Recently restored, this plane performs every bit as well as it looks, leaving behind a satin smooth finish. It is now part of my permanent collection of user planes. You can view additional photographs on my website, www.APLaneLife.us.

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    -Henry Ford.

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