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    Just starting in woodworking. Looking at Starrett squares. Should I buy a 6 inch or a 12 inch?

    2, 3, or 4 piece one. Going to build small projects, shelves, benches, boxes. What would be your preference…if money wasn’t an issue. I did read to buy New on a square. Thanks

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      If money was no issue then I would buy one of each, and the biggest set they had. L. S. Starrett  is primarily a producer of machinist tools which normally have a higher level of precision than most tools produced for woodworking. If money is an object (which it is for most beginning woodworkers) there are many, many, good used machinist tools available at greatly reduced prices from flea markets and estate sales. Combination squares are tremendously useful tools which can be used for other functions besides just checking or marking for square.  Just be sure and check them well before you trust their accuracy as you would any other tool. If it is a new tool and isn’t square then send it back. If it is a used tool then you can adjust them some and there are videos online showing how to do that. Other types of squares that I have found very useful are all metal, fixed blade, small, engineer (sometimes called machinist) squares which are also manufactured to high standards, and small double squares which can perform some of the functions of a combination square in a smaller tool. Traditional wood-and-metal woodworking squares are notorious for being out of square and definitely be checked and adjusted if used.

      Have fun.

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      Good options

      I have a 12 inch Starrett combination square, which is great. However, I have a couple of other squares that work very well. One is the Swanson 6 inch combination square.    These are very inexpensive but pretty darn accurate. I also have iGaging double squares, both 4 inch and 6 inch. These are great buy. They make a great 12 inch combination square as well.

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      I would buy a 12″and a Sterling 4″ double square with an extra dovetail rule. The Starling unit is a gem.

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