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    I feel like all the traditional woodworking tools must have barely traveled westward. I know that going to antique shops, flea markets, and other such places on the east coast can result in good traditional tool finds. I have had trouble finding such second hand stores here in the Denver metro area. I try to keep an eye on ebay but I’d love to have some local places to go check every now and then.

    Does anyone have suggestion on how to find a good store base to find traditional woodworking tools? Any help is appreciated even if it is just telling me your story of how you’ve ended up finding some of your tools.

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      Yes I get it.


      I know exactly what you mean.   I spent most of my life in the north east, and I took the ability to find planes or hand saws at any flea market or antique store for granted.  Now, even in Georgia it’s tough to find good stuff.  Upon a recent Visit home, I found my mom had purchased a dozen or so “old handsaws” to paint scenes on, as wall decorations.  I cherry picked the lot and came up with what I believe is a Harvey Peace P-40…From around 1850’s.  First saw I’ve come across with split nuts.  It will take some elbow grease, but I’m hoping to have her up and running once again!

      As far as tool acquisitions, I’ve turned to Hyperkitten.com.   The gentlemen running it seems very fair on pricing, and actually sends you the tool to inspect before accepting payment…A rare find in this internet age.  He only posts new tools about once per month…And when he does, they go very fast….within hours it seems.

      Good Luck!

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      Thanks for sharing your experience. It makes me feel better knowing that others have had the same experience. Also thanks for the website. I’ll make sure to check it out.

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      I’m in the same situation, it’s pretty slim pickings on the west coast.

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      Estate Sales

      Another source for old hand tools can come from estate sales. They seem to be harder to find outside the south east, we have one about three or four times a year. They seem to always happen when I am low on cash so I never get the chance to go to them. Just an idea.

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