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    I am building a cedar picnic table and would like suggestions for the finish. The table will be outdoors in full,sun in he summer and in the cold and snow of our Wisconsin winters.

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      Hi BB,

      The problem with any film forming finish under those conditions is that they simply won’t hold up. That is why they aren’t used on decks. I would be looking at an oil based material that will prevent water caused degradation. I like Thompson’s Waterseal Timber Oil. Another recommendation I have is to treat all of the wood prior to assembly in order to make sure all of the surfaces are treated. Water finds its way into the joints and mating surfaces and tends to stay there longer than on the open surfaces. Another hint is to embed exterior grade metal fasteners (if used) in the wood using  countersinks, and plugs, to prevent them  from condensing moisture. Use water resistant glue ( if used at all) and avoid cross grain gluing which is more prone to temperature and moisture failure.

      Have fun.

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        Excellent advice.  I am building a similar table, and appreciate the insight, especially about treating pieces prior to final assembly.  Thanks!

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