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    I’ve seen a few of the guys we all know and read regale us with the wonders of the Spoford brace, and advise we pick one up if we have the chance.

    Be very careful about these braces! I’ve picked up more than one at a tool meet, that looks good, only to discover that its been twisted in some way (subtle or not) so that when you actually put a bit in it and carefully spin it (like you’re trying to drill a hole, it’s so out of alignment that it’s pretty much just a paper weight.

    Happily, I recently acquired one that’s spot on, and using it for lighter work especially, because the brace is so light, it’s a real delight to use.

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      Is there no way to straighten these?

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        Why not try to straighten it?


        If you have such a bent brace, why no try to straighten it?, what do you have to loose?, ANS: Nothing.

        I would apply heat with a propane torch, then straighten. This is how it manufactured originally. If it doesnt work out to your satisfaction, your right where you started from.

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