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    Hi – my 1st post here, hoping to learn something about woodworking. I just bought a lightly used Buck Bros. 14″ jack plane. Everything looks good, I put a nice edge on it, and tried to set it up according to the Tage Frid book. He says to set the chipbreaker about 1/32″ back from the edge of the blade, much more than that and it’s not going to do anything. But if I do that, there’s no way the blade can protrude down and cut wood, even with the adjustment all the way in. To get any blade through the throat, I have to set the chipbreaker back about 0.090″, way more than Tage recommends. Could this be the wrong blade or chipbreaker for the plane? Everything *looks* ship-shape.

    Thanks for any advice, paul

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      Could you please attach a photo? Also, the Buck Brothers handplanes are quite unsuitable for actual use.

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      pix of ?maybe crappy? Buck Bros. plane

      Maybe I need to just toss the thing and save up for a decent one, I don’t know. Thanks for your attention – paul

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