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    So it is not exactly a refurbish but it is building an old hand tool. So I thought it fit a little better here than on the projects page. I mentioned in another forum that I was building a corn hole set and needed to cut a hole in the middle. I thought about a couple different option and since the hole is near the edge of the board I thought a bow saw may do the trick. I decided to try and make one after coming home from work. Here are some pictures of my first attempt.


    So there were a couple problems. First, the blade is just a hacksaw blade and has very little kerf so it does not cut a curve. Second, the upright boards are not very think so they ended up snapping in half soon after these pictures were taken. Lastly, the metal wire at the top for the tightening rope ended up not really unwinding to release the pressure on the wood.

    So next I split a two by four in half to make the upright boards with and found some twine to use for the tightening rope.


    I still just had the hacksaw blade and the twine end up braking soon after this picture.
    So I changed the twine to a nylon rope and that worked a lot better. I switched the blade from the hacksaw blade to a course green wood saw blade. It cut better curves but still not sufficient. However, it worked well enough to encourage me to by Gramercy’s bow saw blades and blade holding pins.




    The blade was 16′ to the pins and the pins were longer so I had to make a new center brace. The saw blade pins are super helpful. I bought the package that come with the blade pins and three blades. The blade in the picture is the most course. I have not cut my corn hole circle with it yet but when I do I’ll try to post pictures. The blade cut the scrape piece I tested in on great and turns very quickly. The finer blades are suppose to turn even sharper. All and all I’m very happy with my experiment and end result.

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      Nice.  I’ve been thinking about buying some blades and pins from Grammercy for this very purpose.  It’s good to see your results.

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