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    This is an Auburn try plane I came across and have put back into service. A previous owner had salvaged parts from a metal plane, apparently to make it more like a more modern plane and to replace a missing tote. I though it quite inventive to cut the tote mounting area of the metal plane and install it in order to use the metal plane tote. I fabricated a new tote, flattened the sole, and re-mouthed it.

    One thing I really like about this plane is the indentations near the toe where previous users have gripped the plane during many years of use. It’s like shaking hands with the previous owners.

    Have fun.

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      Nice work! I would love to know some of the stories that were created with the users of theae tools in the past. I have started Keeping a log of information on tools I find if I can find anything about the previous owners. Hopefully when they pass from me I will add to that info and pas the history down.

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