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    I am just sick.  I went into my shop to do some pre-Saturday sharpening – thinking I’d get a jump on my weekend shop time.  I soaked my stones, got everything ready, and started.  I noticed a problem when I hit the 8000 stone for the first time.  It was like there was a coating of plastic that was leaching onto the surface as I sharpened.  I thought it was just slurry at first and kept going.

    It got worse from there.

    I’ve a background in investigations.  I know how to figure out whodunnit – especially when there are always the same two prime suspects in my house.  They also left little, oily, telltale finger tracks in the bottom of my pond.  So, they’ve got some ‘splainin to do.

    In the meantime, I need to clean my stones.  I did a quick search and found that people use Dawn dish soap to clean them.  It got the surface stuff off.  I further learned that some put them in the dishwasher to get the “hard to clean” oil out of their water stones.  My stones are on “pots and pans” as I write this.  If this doesn’t work, I’m out of ideas.

    Any thoughts (other than “go buy diamond stones and you don’t have this problem, dummy!” – already been thinking that myself.)

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      I can remember being told by my old carpentry teacher that you can out them in the oven to ‘recondition them’. I have no idea of the temperature used or indeed even if you have to have it turned on!

      Has anyone else heard of this technique?


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      Well, I put them through the dishwasher, soaked them in a highly concentrated Dawn soap solution, and baked them after rinsing them several times.  There is no indication of oil visible on the stones.  I’ll use them this weekend and will be able to report back on how well my efforts worked.

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      Hope it worked, so I know in case that happens to me!  Thanks for the post!


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      Oven cleaner –

      Ordinary combination stones – I have taken oil out by sharpening a time or two using oven  cleaner  (gloves)  and subsequent sharpenings lubed with Dawn – because old ‘oil-stones’ will continue having oil come to the surface.           Jap water stones might dissolve in oven cleaner, haven’t had the pleasure of buying one that had seen oil, so don’t know, yet.

      Hard natural stones like washita, hard black, transluscent white, also will lend selves to said.



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