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Wooden jointer, 63 cm

Hi Robert.

I have an extra old wooden jointer which is 63 cm long.

I have never used it. I checked the sole, and it is not dead flat. But 5 minutes on a lapping plate or a piece of glass with some sand paper is all that is required.

There is a crack /check in the forward end of the plane. It is nothing that I would worry about. The plane being as old as it is, I don’t think it will change much anymore.

I can’t find any manufactureres marks on it. It is made from beech, and there is an insert in the sole, just in front of the throat, of some harder wood.

The blade is 63 mm wide (2.5″). It is 21 cm long (8″). The blade is E.A. Berg of Sweden. The chipbreaker is also E.A. Berg.

The wedge seems to be the original one, and is in OK condition.

I have never tampered with the plane, I actually can’t even remember when I got it.

There is a bit of rust on the chip breaker, and a bit on the backside of the blade itsel. But The general conditon of the blade is fine. I think it is close to full length, so you can have a lot of years of planing before you need to buy a new blade.

I can’t figure out how to make the pictures smaller, so I can’t attach a picture to this post.

You can write me at bloksav1[at]gmail.com, then I’ll send you some pictures if you are interested.

My idea was 40$ + postage.